Like all artists I design mental filters that all of my creations have to pass through. This filtration creates art, through the physical sensation of an emotional reaction. These filters also carry a recognizable signature look and may well have a message or narrative.

My visual style is full of vibrant sensual colors, intense lighting, and slick production values. The whole spectrum of human emotion is tapped and get people to evaluate their circumstances. Ultimately, I just want to create glorious unforgettable photographs.



University of Wisconsin - Parkside, BA in Broadcast Communications, with a second major in Art, 1979


My interest a photography came at about the age of 14. I loved candid photography, landscape and portrait photography. It naturally took me into the B&W realm and into the home darkroom as it was cheaper to shoot years ago. I also took various seminars, and had a 3 month apprenticeship for a commercial photographer out of Chicago, working on his multi-national accounts.

Simultaneously I spent decades in the entertainment industry. I capitalized on a singing telegram fad in the 80's that not only made me a lot of money but it helped me develop my level of visual campiness which to this day is reflected in my style.    

Photography really took off for me in the mid-1980's. I'd been working as an portrait, wedding and then commercial photographer for years. That allowed me to hone my craft creating emotionally unfulfilling work. Howevver, I wanted to be an artist first and foremost, so I eventually abandoned this type of work in favor of creating my own world.