I've never cared much for artist's statements. They almost always use a lot of tortured artspeak that usually doesn't make any sense to anyone. It often muddies a person's understanding of the pieces, or drones on forever in what could be said in just 7 words. If the art can't speak for itself then it's probably not that great. At it's best though an artist's statement can be a great filter to clarify one's efforts. So my artwork my be thoughtfully categorized as:


LIFE STUFF (Or as they say in the art world, my CV, my Curriculum Vitae!)

Welcome to my world - I'm so glad you're here!  Well, let's get down to it. I'm going to produce the best photographs and art works I possibly can and you will buy them because you won't have a choice.

Oh, you want to read about my life? Okay, so sorry.

At the age of 13 I became enlightened and discovered the meaning of life - to be happy and help other poeple become happy too! That's where it's at for me baby.

After that blah, blah, blah, Eagle Scout and then I graduated and I became really funny and did singing telegrams then blah blah and went on vacation and then after that I became a vegetarian then vegan blah, blah blah, got married had kids, ran for State Assembly, etcetera, etcetera. So if you like all this, you'll absolutely love me in person.


University of Wisconsin - Parkside, BA in Broadcast Communications, with a second major in Art, 1979.

Well, technically I didn't quite receive a second BA from Parkside. I actually fell two credits short on the second degree in Art because I couldn't stand another semester of art history! I mean Jesus Christ, the room was really hot, and the professor was so boring I'd be lucky if I could keep awake for 10 minutes. So really it wasn't my fault. Moreover, isn't this just an indictment of the failings entire educational system itself 1978 which forced me to sleep in class? Well I demand justice, so by the power vested in me by myself, I hereby do bequeth onto Lawrence Charles Zamba an honory Degree in Art, e plurbus unum, non compos mentis.